Choose a credit provider clever

Anyone who needs a loan is spoiled for choice. Countless comparison websites for installment loans can be found on the internet. It must be clarified whether the page reflects the corresponding breadth of offers. It is also interesting whether the comparison partner influences the pricing of the bench compared. More information at

Creditend test

Creditend test

The credit comparison Creditend deals with offers of various banks and financial institutions. The provider does not act as a lender but as an intermediary. The comparison is not charged to the end customer, but is paid by the installment credit institution remuneration. Compared is a large number of different installment loans. You will find there offers of 12-120 months credit period. Most of the loans are with an immediate payment. On the platform, the automatic application is made to the offering bank. The application will be printed on the page and then sent by you to the bank with Postident. Within a few days the decision will be communicated to you by the bank. Creditend itself is then completely excluded from processing.

The Creditend test has found that here are presented decent results that are also good to use to make a decision

Moneyor test

Moneyor test

Quite unlike the first provider, this platform designed the offer. You will not receive a comparison of different installment loans here. It is a mediation platform of venture capital . This means that Moneyor mediates between two or more end customers. The money for the installment loan you get from another or several other individuals. You essentially determine the interest rate. It is a kind of money auction Moneyor. In this auction, you give on the platform an interest rate before the donor can be interested in your offer. The higher the interest rate, the faster your offer will be accepted and you will receive the necessary funds. Moneyor gets here, in contrast to Creditend, a commission from you. This is already included in the interest. The interest rate in the Moneyor test was sometimes higher than that in the Creditend test, but sometimes lower.

Therefore, it can not be said from the outset that one offer is cheaper than the other. You have to do the Moneyor test as well as the Creditend test to find out.

Banks Without Private Credit Bureau Granting of Loans

But with a negative private credit bureau you will fail. The loan without private credit bureau is currently only granted by a foreign bank based in Liechtenstein. As a rule, however, banks in Germany require a private credit bureau report prior to granting the loan, which provides information on creditworthiness.


Borrowing in Switzerland despite good private credit bureau

borrow money

The Swiss banks pay real estate and non-performing loans to borrowers based in Germany. A Swiss lending business is usually defined as a business without credit intermediation. The term also refers to non-credit loans granted by Liechtenstein banks. As a rule, customers can request the required Precious Loan volume directly from the internet, especially as the Swiss financial institutions have no branches in Germany.

An alternative telephone loan application is possible with a few banks, but with increased interest rates as the affiliated and therefore not recommended online loan application. Because Swiss online loans are offered by various institutions, it is advisable to compare the prices before concluding a contract. Mostly, consumers submit an application for a Precious Loan on the Internet if their private credit bureau information contains a negative entry.

The creation-free lending is understood not only the failure of the bank to conduct a private credit bureau investigation, but also the failure to report the distribution of the online loan to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht). This lack of information on the part of private credit bureau makes it useful for consumers in some cases to file a Swiss application instead of an inland loan. This applies to all borrowers who want to make another loan offer within the next six months.


First loan transaction


At private credit bureau, two leverage over a period of less than one-half year is considered a measure of the reduction in score, making the second loan more expensive in credit-based interest rate calculations. This influence can be avoided if the customer places a Precious Loan application free of charge for the first loan transaction.

The negative private credit bureau is the main reason to make a Precious Loan application on the Internet. Even today, most domestic lending institutions refuse to lend to a single negative book of private credit bureau, and few banks are investigating the specificities of each case. In the case of more than one negative contribution or one serious negative, inclusion in Germany is virtually impossible.

By contrast, Swiss financial institutions are not members of the German credit protection system and can therefore not receive private credit bureau information. The routine application to the ZEK, which is customary before any granting of a loan, is irrelevant for borrowers from Germany, since the “Swiss private credit bureau” only collects information on financial contracts concluded there. However, it prevents consumers from using the € 5 000 limit on non-credits by simultaneously applying for two loans from different banks online.

If the consumer needs a higher amount, he can obtain the coveted Swiss credit via a credit intermediary directly on the Internet. Applying for a Precious Loan on the Internet is as straightforward as taking out a loan in Switzerland. The borrower completes an application form and sends it to the UB. In addition, the financial institution needs a current income statement, many banks also require the submission of a copy of the employment contract.

Self-employed and freelancers are applying for a Precious Loan with their current tax assessment. Because they are not accepted by all banks as borrowers, they also pay attention to which financial institution intends to pay them a loan amount. It is possible to send the credit documents by fax, but in some cases the federal financial institutions require the documents to be sent by post.

The proof of identity required in Switzerland and Germany will be provided via the Postident procedure. The amount of money will be paid if the applicant meets all the requirements for the free online credit balance. These include above all a salary above the attachment limit, in which the Bundesbanken do not include additional earnings or child allowances in their budget accounts.

After checking the application for credit check, the financial institution pays the required amount in ES In some Swiss banks, an instant loan is offered in addition to a classic loan. However, this term does not mean, as with most domestic banks, a loan payment within two bank working days but an application within about one calendar week.

Small Loan Private Credit Bureau

y have a bad entry in the list or the private credit bureau score is not good enough, it can be very tedious because all domestic credit institutions are forced to legally inspect the private credit Helpmore Credit a loan application is only possible with foreign banks What is the private credit bureau? In Germany, a private economic information service in Germany.


The aim of the company is to provide its contractual partners

small loan

With information about the creditworthiness of third parties. Around three-quarters of all Germans have a file created by the foundation. In the case of a loan application in Germany, the lender checks the documents of the consumers and thus the debtors.

Should consumers have a negative contribution from the company due to payment problems, this can lead to problems with a new credit application. Because foreign banks, especially from Switzerland, have no institutions comparable to Switzerland, debtors with a negative entry in Switzerland are more likely to receive a loan. For foreign banks, the credit rating is checked differently and calls for higher credit security.

If you do not have it, you can co-finance the repair with a microcredit. In addition, it is questionable whether you can get another loan amount from your house bank if one is already serviced. The funds should be provided promptly as the vehicle is needed again as soon as possible to ensure a quiet day.


Online portals where you can get up to 1000 EUR in microcredit.

Online portals where you can get up to 1000 EUR in microcredit.

A small loan is not a installment loan, ie the loan is immediately reimbursed in full. Micro-loans usually have very short-term maturities. Among the providers in the network, which regulate the granting of loans through foreign banks, is also our test winner Rose Credit.

With our test winner, you will receive an uncomplicated and uncomplicated, creative-free microcredit. First applicants can receive a scholarship of up to 199 EUR (soon 500 EUR). Existing customers also have the advantage of being able to apply for a loan of up to € 600. The advantages of Precious Credit at a glance: It is recommended that the day of repayment is the day on which the borrower earns his income in the bank account.


The loan calculator calculates the total loan costs incurred

The loan calculator calculates the total loan costs incurred

To apply for a loan, the consumer must register on the Precious Credit website. The Precious Credit requires a mobile phone number because a text message is sent for credit, transfer and reminder. Our test winner needs the address of the lender.

For foreign applicants, a valid confirmation of registration is required in addition to the passport. This is important if the loan can not be repaid. The loan guarantee has the disadvantage that the loan is immediately paid by Rose Credit without further paperwork. Rose Credit also requires a copy of the ID card and a collaborative PostIdent procedure for borrowers and their guarantors.

The express transfer ensures that the requested loan is transferred to the bank account on the same day. For this purpose, the loan must be claimed before 12.00 o’clock of a working day. The express transfer makes this our fastest credit in our credit test. Conclusion: A small loan without private credit bureau is possible.

The foreign credit institutions, especially from Switzerland, grant loans without founding. The small loan can be ordered directly from home on the Internet. But even with a microcredit without creation collateral positions are required.


Can we still invest in gold in 2017?

The yellow metal, a safe haven

The yellow metal, a safe haven

In Europe, unlike the US, which is facing a rising dollar and interest rates, gold is a competitive investment compared to other yield products. So the acquisition of the precious metal is rather favorable now thanks to the low rates, and it’s a good time to buy. The ounce of gold has fallen to 1,100 euros since the end of December 2016, while it stood at 1,250 euros in the first half of the same year. In an uncertain context, both economically and politically, gold remains a safe value . The ideal solution is to buy physical gold in the form of coins or bullion from different suppliers who may be a bank, a broker or a specialized pharmacy. Otherwise it is possible to opt for securities indexed on physical gold, so it’s paper gold. Zero-coupon and indefinite-term bonds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are among the offers offered.

The different taxations

The different taxations

The purchase of physical gold is not subject to VAT but in case of resale a flat tax of 10.5% is due. The regime of capital gains on movable property may be more attractive because of the 5% reduction per year of detention from the third year. For paper gold, the shares are subject to the capital gains tax on the transfer of securities, with taxation and 15.5% of social security contributions. Abatement rates are higher, 50% after two years and 65% after eight years.

Having sound finances is an asset to start investing in physical gold or paper. If these are stifled by too many credits, a regrouping operation makes it possible to reimburse only one reduced monthly payment. A new long-term credit replaces the old ones , with a more attractive rate but a higher cost.

When And How You Can Revoke a Loan Request

When lending is wrong – sometimes credit seekers want to revoke their loan request. But is that possible? This question arises above all when loan inquiries have been made online. Because with the decisive push of a button, a process is often triggered that seems irreversible.

The reassuring news is, you do not have to lock out a loan you do not want, and not every loan request will ever make a contract. The first step in credit comparisons are usually condition requests. For this purpose, comparison portals are usually used on the Internet or websites of banks. The pure condition request is not yet a credit, they receive at most a (non-binding) offer that they can accept, but do not have to. However, once you have made such a request for a condition, it can not be undone. The answer is often within seconds. The missing revocation possibility is also not harmful.


Revocation even after conclusion of the contract

credit loan

More debt has a loan request in which you have completed a loan application, signed it and sent it along with the necessary documents of the bank for review. Unless you intervene in this process, the Bank will issue a loan commitment after positive verification and will send you a signed copy of the loan agreement. This is the credit relationship has come about.

Of course, while processing, you can still revoke the loan request – with a text message, which should be sent by registered letter for proof. E-mails and faxes are also considered textual form. But even if you have missed it, you do not have to throw the gun in the towel. For consumer credit, you are entitled to a fourteen-day withdrawal period after the conclusion of a contract. Consumer loans include all typical installment, auto or modernization loans, framework loans and home loan financing. No consumer loans are small loans under 200 euros, mortgage loans and loans with terms of less than three months.


Informal and without justification

credit loan

For the right of withdrawal, it does not matter whether you have applied for the loan online or as part of a conventional bank appointment. Decisive for the beginning of the withdrawal period is not the date of the contract, but the date of receipt of the contract by the recipient. The revocation can be informal, from the content of your message, only the revocation must be clear and clear. You do not have to provide a justification why you no longer want to use the loan. Cancel a loan request – so you should not worry about it. They even have opportunity after conclusion of the contract.


The Unpaid Loan

The borrower must provide the bank with proof of income from Daisy O., pending the receipt of a loan, which will repay the loan, including interest. Do you need an urgent loan to start-up companies, debt loans? do you buy a car or a house? will be repaid at the end of the term in a one-off amount. in default, or already had to take out a new loan. in default, or already had to take out a new loan.


Non-repaid loan in millions of euros

Non-repaid loan in millions of euros

In front of Osnabrück District Court, a lawsuit against a suspected swindler is opened today. The man is said to have signed loan agreements with several banks to purchase equipment for his company. However, he used the loan for other purposes and did not repay the loan. In addition, two defendants are accused of allegedly transferring funds to the man to protect them from his creditors.

So far, 16 negotiating days have been planned, and a similar result is expected at the beginning of next year. For the future is planned.

The 24-year-old from the Frankenberg region was charged with fraud and drunk driving for six months and a two-week probation and for the payment of EUR 10,800 to the injured party. In the summer of 2011, the defendant contacted a defendant and asked for a loan of EUR 12,000.

From the 71-year-old lady, he got the salary on the condition that he would repay 150 EUR a month. From the loan, the man buys a vehicle for 1800 EUR and a calculator for 500 EUR. From the remaining amount he wanted to pay off the existing claims, because at the conclusion of this agreement, the 24-year-old had obligations of almost 12,000 EUR.

This amount includes, inter alia, outstanding benefits to its principal bank, its electricity suppliers, motor insurance and unpaid fines.


The loan amount and the fixed financial expenses together form the due sums.

The loan amount and the fixed financial expenses together form the due sums.

The loan amount and the fixed financial expenses together form the due sums. The loan amount will be transferred to your business account. The 12-month loan term is six 60-day repayment cycles known as milestones. If you have not returned the milestone minimum amount, the difference between the amount you paid and the minimum amount will be deducted from your account.

The minimum payment amount for each of the six 60-day milestones of the loan is $ 941 (1/6 of the total). With a refund of only $ 800 from your daily refund on the first 60-day milestone, the remaining $ 141 will be deducted from your account. On the capital side, there are three financing options. Compare the terms of the financing options and click on the application you have chosen.

If you agree with the terms, you will return to the Review and Accept Terms of Use dialog box and select Accept Terms of Use. Within 2 to 5 working days you will be informed if the funds will be provided to you. In the case of grant, the loan amount will be transferred to your commercial bank account. On the Capital page, you can see the following details of the repayment:


The repaid amount of money

The repaid amount of money

The calculation is based on any order marked as paid on that day, regardless of the source of the order, the method of payment or any subsequent refund or cancellation of the order to determine the daily turnover of your store. If the test mode was not activated when the order was placed, the order will be included in the daily turnover of your store when calculating the repayment amount for the corresponding day.

If you have not returned the milestone minimum amount by the end of the 60-day period, the difference between the amount you paid and the minimum amount will be deducted from your account. Can I pay off the loan more quickly than within the 12 months? You can repay your loan in one year with high profitability before the end of the 12-month term.

How is the fixed cost of the loan calculated? The financing cost for the loan is a fixed percentage of the loan amount. For each takeover offer, the financial costs are recalculated. How did this website help you?


Choice to borrow money: mortgage or personal payday loan?

You may be faced with the choice: are you going to borrow money with a mortgage or personal payday loan? This can be discussed, for example, when borrowing money for the renovation of your house or when borrowing money for your residual debt. What are the differences between these loan products and when is one more interesting than the other?

Mortgage or personal payday loan: the differences

Mortgage or loan: the differences

Since the adjustment of the mortgage requirements in 2013 and 2014, there is actually little difference between a mortgage and a personal payday loan. Both loans must be repaid and both loans are tax deductible in some cases. The most important difference between a mortgage and a personal payday loan is that a mortgage is a loan for which a purchase house serves as collateral.

Borrow money renovation

Borrow money renovation

As mentioned, the choice for a mortgage or personal payday loan can be discussed when you want to borrow to renovate your house. A mortgage is really only interesting if you want to borrow more than € 50,000 for your renovation or want a loan term of more than ten years. In all other cases, a personal payday loan is probably the best option.

Benefits personal payday loan

Benefits personal payday loan

The advantage of a personal payday loan over a mortgage is that you can opt for a shorter term. This allows you to adjust the duration of your loan to the duration of your loan objective and you are debt-free rather than a long-term loan. In addition, it is a lot easier to take out a personal payday loan. This is because no notary or appraisal is involved, unlike when taking out a mortgage. This also saves you costs, which means that a personal payday loan is cheaper as a whole despite the higher interest.

Borrow money residual debt

Borrow money residual debt

Another loan objective where you may be faced with the choice between a personal payday loan or a mortgage is to borrow money for residual debt. Sometimes your residual debt can be co-financed with your new mortgage. However, this is not always possible, either because of your income or because of the value of your new home. A personal payday loan is then a good alternative. You then benefit from the benefits of the personal payday loan and from the tax deductibility of the interest on your loan for your residual debt.

Installment loan without Private Credit Bureau

Credit without private credit bureau in Ingolstadt. Loans without private credit bureau in Ingolstadt For a creation-free instant loan in Ingolstadt it is sufficient to fill out and send the online loan application form. You will then receive an e-mail with your ready-made letter of credit. The application for a loan without private credit bureau in Ingolstadt is a convenient way for an immediate loan immediately required by adults with an existing employment.

The conditions are advantageous, as a so-called Swiss loan is currently offered at extremely low interest rates. The other clear benefit is the convenient application processing via the online form and the subsequent post-identity procedure. As a rule, the borrower can avail himself of the agreed loan amount (in some cases up to 50,000 euros) within only three working days.


Loans without private credit bureau: No approval of the citizens?

loan approval

But what does all this have to do with the subject area “Credit without private credit bureau”? Much, because only recently have we discovered the result of an investigation in the context of a search on the subject of credit in general, according to which credit without private credit bureau among the citizens is anything but popular. Because our experiences, which we can gain from the visitor statistics and the associated news on contributions to the credit topic without private credit bureau, painted a completely different picture.

The basis for this is a study that says that no form of financing in Germany is used as little as loans without private credit bureau, at any rate as a result of a recent survey by the Emerging Markets market research institute. In addition, one concludes from the result that the free credit is not popular or not among the German citizens.


Using a loan without private credit bureau?

Using a <a href=loan without private credit bureau?” />

So if there is the possibility to distance yourself with “yes – I have a credit without private credit bureau” or “Yes – I need such a credit” with already mentioned titles from the immediate as well as from the indirect environmental environment, then the legitimate question arises rightly, whether one would then make a righteous statement in the course of a survey?

In other words, such surveys are, in our view, only very limited repressive and do not represent the real image of a type of credit that is already struggling with a questionable appearance.