Banks Without Private Credit Bureau Granting of Loans

But with a negative private credit bureau you will fail. The loan without private credit bureau is currently only granted by a foreign bank based in Liechtenstein. As a rule, however, banks in Germany require a private credit bureau report prior to granting the loan, which provides information on creditworthiness.


Borrowing in Switzerland despite good private credit bureau

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The Swiss banks pay real estate and non-performing loans to borrowers based in Germany. A Swiss lending business is usually defined as a business without credit intermediation. The term also refers to non-credit loans granted by Liechtenstein banks. As a rule, customers can request the required Precious Loan volume directly from the internet, especially as the Swiss financial institutions have no branches in Germany.

An alternative telephone loan application is possible with a few banks, but with increased interest rates as the affiliated and therefore not recommended online loan application. Because Swiss online loans are offered by various institutions, it is advisable to compare the prices before concluding a contract. Mostly, consumers submit an application for a Precious Loan on the Internet if their private credit bureau information contains a negative entry.

The creation-free lending is understood not only the failure of the bank to conduct a private credit bureau investigation, but also the failure to report the distribution of the online loan to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht). This lack of information on the part of private credit bureau makes it useful for consumers in some cases to file a Swiss application instead of an inland loan. This applies to all borrowers who want to make another loan offer within the next six months.


First loan transaction


At private credit bureau, two leverage over a period of less than one-half year is considered a measure of the reduction in score, making the second loan more expensive in credit-based interest rate calculations. This influence can be avoided if the customer places a Precious Loan application free of charge for the first loan transaction.

The negative private credit bureau is the main reason to make a Precious Loan application on the Internet. Even today, most domestic lending institutions refuse to lend to a single negative book of private credit bureau, and few banks are investigating the specificities of each case. In the case of more than one negative contribution or one serious negative, inclusion in Germany is virtually impossible.

By contrast, Swiss financial institutions are not members of the German credit protection system and can therefore not receive private credit bureau information. The routine application to the ZEK, which is customary before any granting of a loan, is irrelevant for borrowers from Germany, since the “Swiss private credit bureau” only collects information on financial contracts concluded there. However, it prevents consumers from using the € 5 000 limit on non-credits by simultaneously applying for two loans from different banks online.

If the consumer needs a higher amount, he can obtain the coveted Swiss credit via a credit intermediary directly on the Internet. Applying for a Precious Loan on the Internet is as straightforward as taking out a loan in Switzerland. The borrower completes an application form and sends it to the UB. In addition, the financial institution needs a current income statement, many banks also require the submission of a copy of the employment contract.

Self-employed and freelancers are applying for a Precious Loan with their current tax assessment. Because they are not accepted by all banks as borrowers, they also pay attention to which financial institution intends to pay them a loan amount. It is possible to send the credit documents by fax, but in some cases the federal financial institutions require the documents to be sent by post.

The proof of identity required in Switzerland and Germany will be provided via the Postident procedure. The amount of money will be paid if the applicant meets all the requirements for the free online credit balance. These include above all a salary above the attachment limit, in which the Bundesbanken do not include additional earnings or child allowances in their budget accounts.

After checking the application for credit check, the financial institution pays the required amount in ES In some Swiss banks, an instant loan is offered in addition to a classic loan. However, this term does not mean, as with most domestic banks, a loan payment within two bank working days but an application within about one calendar week.

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