When And How You Can Revoke a Loan Request

When lending is wrong – sometimes credit seekers want to revoke their loan request. But is that possible? This question arises above all when loan inquiries have been made online. Because with the decisive push of a button, a process is often triggered that seems irreversible.

The reassuring news is, you do not have to lock out a loan you do not want, and not every loan request will ever make a contract. The first step in credit comparisons are usually condition requests. For this purpose, comparison portals are usually used on the Internet or websites of banks. The pure condition request is not yet a credit, they receive at most a (non-binding) offer that they can accept, but do not have to. However, once you have made such a request for a condition, it can not be undone. The answer is often within seconds. The missing revocation possibility is also not harmful.


Revocation even after conclusion of the contract

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More debt has a loan request in which you have completed a loan application, signed it and sent it along with the necessary documents of the bank for review. Unless you intervene in this process, the Bank will issue a loan commitment after positive verification and will send you a signed copy of the loan agreement. This is the credit relationship has come about.

Of course, while processing, you can still revoke the loan request – with a text message, which should be sent by registered letter for proof. E-mails and faxes are also considered textual form. But even if you have missed it, you do not have to throw the gun in the towel. For consumer credit, you are entitled to a fourteen-day withdrawal period after the conclusion of a contract. Consumer loans include all typical installment, auto or modernization loans, framework loans and home loan financing. No consumer loans are small loans under 200 euros, mortgage loans and loans with terms of less than three months.


Informal and without justification

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For the right of withdrawal, it does not matter whether you have applied for the loan online or as part of a conventional bank appointment. Decisive for the beginning of the withdrawal period is not the date of the contract, but the date of receipt of the contract by the recipient. The revocation can be informal, from the content of your message, only the revocation must be clear and clear. You do not have to provide a justification why you no longer want to use the loan. Cancel a loan request – so you should not worry about it. They even have opportunity after conclusion of the contract.

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